Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adventures in Onederland!

I've entered ONDERLAND!!!!!!!

I realize for most people being below 200 lbs is normal,
 but remember I started at well over 300 lbs.  

Onderland was truly a mysterious place I had only heard of, dreamt of,
and fantasized about.

Much like the wonderful land of OZ

In my entire adult life I've been here once, my Senior year of High School.
Trying so hard to fit in and get thin I started taking diet pills (ephedra)
and doing a TON of cardio at the gym while restricting my
calories insanely low.

I looked thin, but my heart raced, I was either hyper or exhausted and
hated the gym.

I am proud to say this time in ONEDERLAND
I am fit, strong, balanced and healthy!
I arrived the slow/sure way and will just keep going down the
"yellow brick road" all the way to the Emerald City!

Here's to the last 48 lbs!


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