Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Moment

Let me just say life has NOT been awesome lately.   I'm tired of the daily fight and struggles with my own personal demons, health issues, homeowner trials and financial woes.  Add to all of that the burden of trying to lose 190 lbs and it all seems unbearable at times.  

I've trained hard for a Triathlon that I had to pull out of for health reasons, my weight loss has stalled, and I'm training for a 1/2 Marathon and can't seem to get past that mile mark.  

So.  Tired.  Of.  Fighting.

I asked myself:  What's the point?  I didn't ask for this special bag burdens and trials.  Can't I just lay them down and walk away?  Check out of this crazy race?

I know in my gut I can't.  Sure, I could walk away and quit fighting.  I could lay this bag of burdens down on the side of the road and walk away but here's why I won't:

This moment:


Because of my babies and this man:

"Here's the thing, you try and you fail.  You try and you fail.  But you get up everyday and you try again for THIS moment.  This moment right here.  This is what you fight for.  And it doesn't happen often but when it does happen, it's magic!  
And it's worth it!"  Jillian Michaels

Stand up and keep going! I may be moving slowly and crying the whole way but I'll be right behind you ;)


Saturday, August 10, 2013

IBS Friendly Flexible Homemade Ice Cream!

The basics for the ice cream!

This can be low calorie by simply substituting for skim options and less sugar.

32 ounces "milk products"

1/2 cup "sugar product"

2 tsp flavoring of choice

2 tsp cornstarch
(pour into a small amount of the milk product and shake until fully mixed.  
Then add to the rest of the ingredients to avoid chunks)

Mix well and pour into ice cream maker and freeze by instruction manual for 30 mins.  Add "mix ins" and continue to freeze for another 5 mins.  Transfer to freezer.  Recipes without actual cow milk products will take much longer to freeze.

"Milk Products" - I prefer to use 1/2 whipping cream for my milk products and fill the rest with full fat coconut milk or vanilla almond milk.  Whipping cream has VERY low levels of lactose and my son tolerates it just fine.  Whipping cream vs almond milk/coconut milk is creamy vs sorbet texture. 

"Sugar Product" - I use brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, or white sugar.  My son tolerates all of these and I use the flavoring I'm going for to dictate which one I use.

This is truly a flexible recipe and can be adjusted to what your body can tolerate.  It can also be worked to be lower calorie.  Get creative!

Our Favorite Concoctions!!!

Fudge Brownie Ice Cream!
MP:  1/2 Whipping Cream and 1/2 Chocolate Almond Milk
SP:  Brown Sugar (fully mixed in before freezing)
F: 2 tsp vanilla
2/3 cup cocoa powder (fully mixed in before freezing)
2 tsp cornstarch.
The last 5 mins I added cut up brownie pieces (nut free)

Blueberry Sorbet!
MP:  1/2 Vanilla Almond milk and 1/2 full fat coconut milk
SP:  Maple Syrup
F: 1/2 butter flavoring and 1/2 vanilla
1 Tbsp cornstarch.
Blueberry mixture (I boiled 1 lb blueberries on the stovetop with 1 cup sugar, 2 Tbsp butter and 1 Tbsp cornstarch for 10 mins until thickened into a pie filling consistancy.)
This took until morning to be fully frozen

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!
MP: 1/2 Whipping Cream, 1/4 coconut milk, 1/4 Vanilla Almond Milk
SP:  Brown Sugar
F: 1/2 butter flavoring, 1/2 vanilla
2 tsp cornstarch
The last 5 mins I added small chunks of egg free cookie dough I had cut up and frozen.