My Story

I could talk for hours about "my story" but here's the glossed over version.

I've always been heavy, but athletic heavy.  I've been emotionally eating since childhood.  In fact, as I soon discovered, food was my ONLY coping mechanism.  Did a LOT of binge eating, crash dieting, popped ephedra, and tried most diets.  I'd lose weight then gain it all back and then some.  

Got married, college, work, kids, stress = LOTS of weight!

I tipped the scale at 324 lbs with a BMI of 55.6
In case you didn't know this, that is Gastric Bypass big.  
I had high blood pressure, leg swelling, palpitations, migraines, achy joints and felt miserable!
 The final straw was: I helped in my little boy's classroom and his teacher took pictures of us. My little boy brought them home folded up because he was embarrassed of how big I was. I was crushed. I had to change, seriously this time.

I decided it was a choice of life or death, because I knew I was on a slippery slope to diabetesville.

I took all the knowledge I had from personal trainers, nutrition class, nursing school and decided to do it the slow and proven way.  


Crazy, I know.  

People automatically tune me out when I say that, they want a diet secret or magic pill.  I don't have one.  I've looked, believe me!

I started counting calories and logging everything on, I started exercising.
I couldn't tolerate much at first and I wanted to die after every workout, but I just kept going.

I swear to you it works.  
It's slow, it requires dedication, it's hard, you need to get uncomfortable, but every single mile is worth it.
I'm in better shape than I was in high school as an "athlete", I've done things I never thought possible and now I know the sky's the limit.

If you're still reading, good for you.  I know it's boring and long, but boring and long is how you change your life, it's how you change your body for good.


See my race and weight loss pictures HERE

Here's video I made for my first 120 lbs:


  1. I am a nurse too struggling withe trying to eat did get your eating and exercise in....being so busy...especially eating at work and drinking

  2. First of all I had to cut back my hours. I couldn't pull 60 hours a week anymore and I had to sleep. After that I treated the gym like a job and made it a huge priority. I also don't work out everyday. I hit the gym about 3 days a week REALLY hard, make the time worth it! Figure out what works for you and don't stop ;)

  3. What I love about your story is that you did it in a way that is realistic and feasible to so many others. Most of the diets you see require things like cutting out carbs completely, eating some disgusting health foods you would never eat normally, or working out 7 days a week. Your story gives inspiration to people who might otherwise feel defeated. I too am keeping track of my calories and when I look for low cal recipes, I usually find foods I couldn't make let alone eat. You seem to like the same types of things I do and that gives me hope. Just thought you should know! Congrats by the way on all your success!!

  4. how long has this taken you? Im starting my journey once again.. It seems like I lose the first 30lbs and cannot lose past that. it is hard to push through. you are a true inspritation.

  5. I am the mother of four, a professional chef, and run my own baking business. I am not letting any of that stop me from getting healthy. I currently weigh 280lbs and I am the same age my grandfather was when he died of a heartattack. My family is hugely supportive but it helps to have support from people who have been there. Your video brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!