Friday, June 13, 2014

Skin and Our Girls

I'm frequently asked about skin . . . loose skin . . . permanently loose and sagging skin.
Yep, I have it on  my arms, thighs, neck, abdomen and back.  

I also have a daughter and I work with young women in church.  

I'm a candidate for skin removal surgery, tummy tuck and body lift.
I've contemplated surgery until I realized I would only be trading one kind of "scar" for another.  

How do I explain to my daughter and these young girls why it's okay to get my breasts lifted and filled?
 How do I show them it's okay to cut our bodies if we don't like them?  

I want my daughter and your daughters to LOVE their bodies as they are,
to love their reflection, their jiggly thighs and yes their imperfect features.  

When my daughter sees me she doesn't see my loose skin.
I don't want to teach her loose skin and jiggly thighs are something to be ashamed of.
When she's old enough to have those herself I don't want her plagued with body loathing.  

I firmly believe a girl who loves her body will make that body a healthy one.