Thursday, March 14, 2013


Soapbox warning!

It's been 24 hours and it's still bugging me, so here ya go!

  Yesterday someone said to me:
 I'm so glad you've lost the weight the easy way.  
I feel so bad for the people who have to lose it the hard way.  


  A year and a half of changing my eating habits, sweating,
killing myself at the gym, learning new things,
and pushing myself harder than I thought possible is the

Nothing about this is easy.

It's hard on so many levels, it's painful, it burns, it's lonely
and sometimes scary . . . 

NOT EASY . . . 

But it's worth it.
I will swear time and time again, it's worth it.

But, don't tell me it's the easy way.

Next time I may not be so gracious ;)


  1. Yeah, what's the hard way if that's easy? Did they think you had surgery or something? Even that's not entirely easy!