Sunday, June 16, 2013

"10 Things you need to know about weight loss"

I love science!
I know the whole "counting calories and exercising" thing is boring
but science backs it up and it works!

This Documentary aired on BBC and takes a simple approach to understanding weight loss.

Bottom line: if you eat more than your body needs you will gain weight.
If you eat less than your body needs you will lose weight.

The end.

You may have a lot of excuses, I've heard them all and used them all.
At some point you have to decide how badly you want this and how dedicated you will be.
You CAN do this.

Here's the basic 10 things from the documentary but I STRONGLY encourage you
to watch it for yourself, it's only an hour long.

 1. Don’t skip meals If you skip meals, your brain craves higher-calorie foods. CT scans show when you are hungry there is more activity in your brain when you were shown images of high calorie and fattening foods vs low calorie/healthy food. 

2. Use smaller plates You’ll put less food on your plate, and in turn eat less food.  If you fill up a large plate you are more likely to finish it even if you weren't hungry enough.  This has been proven several times by scientists.

3. Count your calories People typically under report by 50%. People forget to count sncks, "grazing" or drinks, they also guess portion sizes.  Record every single bite and get out the measuring cups and measure EVERYTHING until you get it right.

4. Don’t blame your metabolism While it is a possiblity, it's highly unlikely even in the largest people who have "tried everything."  You are more likely to be underestimating what you eat and how much you do.

5. Protein staves off hunger pains Protein releases more of the "I'm full" hormone than other types of food. This hormone suppresses hunger longer than if you had ingested low protein foods.

6. Soup keeps you feeling fuller for longer The same foods on a plate with water in a glass vs blended with the water and turned into a soup showed remarkable digestion differences.  Ultrasounds of people who had the "souped" meal showed the soup stayed in the stomach longer and took longer to digest.  The theory is the water blended into the meal added volume and thus took longer to digest. 

7. The more choices you have, the more you eat Variety makes you more likely to want to try everything. It is instinct. It is proven you will likely eat 30% more food with a large variety.  More reason to cook less, HA!

8. Low fat dairy helps you excrete more fat Calcium binds to fat in the small intestine making them insoluble and pass through your body and out the other end!  Keep the dairy low fat but keep it in your food plan and don't forget to measure it ALL out.

9. Exercise goes on burning fat, even while you sleep You burn more fat after moderate exercise, than while exercising. Your body keeps burning it for up to 22 hours later. If you work out during the day you will still be burning fat in your sleep. Go get that heart rate up and then take a guilt free nap ;)

10. Keep moving and lose weight Keep yourself active but don’t eat more because you’re doing more exercise!  Talk on the phone standing, walk while visiting intead of sitting.  Just keep moving! 


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