Monday, June 17, 2013

A Day in the Life of Teresa

I get regular messages with the same questions, so I decided to take the time and write it all out for the world to see!  HOORAY!  Hopefully this helps someone, and if you don't care than I won't be offended when you skip this post. I've provided lots of links for you, so check them out.
I also added a whole page of free weight loss tools I use regularly HERE
 My main answer to all questions is:

Move more, eat less.

What do my workouts look like in a week?
Gym days: about 3 days a week for up to 2 hours.
30 mins of high intensity cardio, AKA interval training or fartleks with a HR greater than 150.
20 mins of heavy weight lifting in supersets
45-60 mins of "fun cardio" AKA racquetball, walking, tennis.  Average HR of 120-140's.
Long Run Day: At the end of the week I do a long run, currently about 6-7 miles.  
It's not about the speed it's just about finishing.
Play Days: These are days I'm outside with my kids hiking, gardening, water park, bike rides, 
long walks, playgrounds, anything active and I do it with them.
Rest Days:  LISTEN!  These are a must!  The body needs time to recover, rest,
 hydrate and restock glycogen stores. 
 If you're dying in your workouts and can't figure out why, you made need a serious rest day.

What you do for workouts and where you do them is all based on your goals.
I am training for Triathlons, obstacle races and a 1/2 marathon so my workout schedule reflects that.  I'm also a mom of 3 children and I need to be outside playing with them and teaching them what a naturally active lifestyle looks like . . . thus, play days!

One word about going to the gym with kids.  It's not easy, sometimes it takes the whole day to get there but we do it anyway.  Get a gym with a daycare and fork over your "Sonic money" to cover the daycare fees.  It's one of those "no excuses" things.  When my kids are all sick and we're home bound for a week, I whip out my P90X or Jillian Michaels and get to work in my basement.  JUST DO IT!

Eat Less:
What do I Eat?
I eat everything under the sun!  Fast food, super healthy food, processed food, clean food, cake, Whoppers, Milky Ways, Protein Shakes, LOTS of fruits and veggies and everything in between.  
I learned a long time ago, if I want something and I tell myself I can't have it, then suddenly I would kill for it.  At the end of the day it's about moderation, portion sizes, calorie counting and how you eat 90% of the time.
I've logged a TON of recipes (<300 cals, 300+ cals) where I've done all the counting and calculating for you, all you need to do it follow it and log it. 

How much do I eat?
My calorie intake is always based on 1) my BMR and 2) my activity level.
BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate) is how many calories your body needs to survive at the current weight.
Here's a caloric need calculator for you, understand it changes with weight.
I log everything on and it automatically updates my calories for me.
Also, when I have a 2 hour intense training session or a long run and burn 1000 calories I will eat SOME of those calories back.  I can't have my body burning muscle or going into starvation mode.  You wouldn't drive a car on an empty tank of gas, you're body is no different.

How do I cook for my family?
Being a mom of small children poses it's own challenges.  
We eat super normal food but with minor adjustments.  Limited butter and cheese, lean meats, no pop, fruits and veggies with each meal, smaller portions and only occasional desserts.  
Now, when they want burgers I grill a turkey burger.  
When they want pizza, I make my pita pizzas (1, 2) OR I eat what they are having BUT with extra care in measuring my food out.  Yes, I whip out the measuring cups!  
Sometimes I need a Pizza Hut Pan Pizza . . . but I measure it out and log it and I don't go back for seconds!  Many nights they want "kid food" so I just make my own quick dinner.  

If you have more questions let me know and I'll just keep adding onto this already ridiculously long post!



  1. When did you start this fantastic journey? I can never remember how long it's taken you to lose 140 pounds and I want to be able to brag better. =)

  2. November 7th 2011 - A year and a half ago!

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