Thursday, November 7, 2013

2nd Anniversary!

Two years and 145 lbs later . . . 
November 7th is as sacred as my wedding anniversary.  I made a promise to myself to find a way to be happy and healthy.  I knew the journey would be long and it was daunting . . .

but here I am!

What's the same?

I still REALLY like crap food.  Salty, processed, sugar (fake or real) and fattening.
Whoppers, doughnuts, fries, macaroni and cheese, pizza, ect.  I still eat them (GASP!)  but in serious moderation.  That word "moderation" actually fits in the "what's different" section below.

Still not a big fan of fruits and veggies . . . but I eat them anyway ;)

Still watch a lot of TV but I do it while on the elliptical or to reward myself after a workout.

I still think I'm huge.  Body issues, I know.  But there it is.

Still can't do a pull-up or a proper military style push-up.  STILL!

Me in my SUPER tight size 10's.
Wearing them because I CAN!

What's different?
Me in size 28 jeans once again!
I'm 145 lbs smaller, from a size 28 to a tight 10.

My feet went from a size 10 to 8.5 (biggest shocker EVER)

My breasts decided to leave me, not sure if they're ever coming back.

I can walk into any store and shop off any rack!

Race junkie = nerdy car
You will often hear me say "sorry I can't, I have to workout"
(except I'm not really sorry, it just seams the polite thing to say)

I get REALLY excited by new music on my MP3 player.
Guaranteed to make for a good run.

Padded bras are my friends and underwire is a must!

I set my work schedule around race dates.

Never given, always earned.
Costumes.  I can finally fit into any costume I want for the first time since I was a child.  Now I wear something to almost every race.  I know I look like an idiot but I'm having the time of my life.

I can outrun my kids.  In the the beginning walking up my basement stairs would leave me gasping for air.  Now my 10 year old asks me to WAIT!

I have loose skin.  My rolls of fat deflated into loose bits.

I have wrinkles now.  Crows feet and smile lines have appeared.

I think I look much older because of said skin issues but I'm told I look much younger.
(Back to the body issues)

I wear through shoes as fast as my growing children.  My old "tennis shoes" used to last years, now I'm lucky if I can get them past 3 months.  Also, proper running shoes are expensive, leaving less money for fabulous heels.  Just sayin'

I rarely wear makeup anymore.  Not because I don't want to, but because I workout, then chase children, then workout WHILE chasing children, then collapse into bed.  What's the point?!

Most important change:  I've found something inside of me that yearns to live, breathe, fight, feel, and discover.  It doesn't care what you think or say, because it wants what it wants.
This girl is on FIRE!

That song "Girl on Fire" is about me.  

Loves to all my losers!



  1. Fantastic! You are awesome! LOVE this line: " I've found something inside of me that yearns to live, breathe, fight, feel, and discover. It doesn't care what you think or say, because it wants what it wants."

    You are inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Teresa, this is such an amazing journey for you and what an inspiration to everyone who reads it. Keep up the good work, look forward to meeting you next year with the Loser Ladies!

  3. You are so beautiful! I have LOVED watching this transformation and am so incredibly happy for you and your family! I love that you can outrun your kids. I love that you eat in moderation. I am just so impressed!

  4. So proud of all of your accomplishments. Happy anniversary!!!

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